To Care and to Serve
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We aim to support the care needs of our most vulnerable members in the community. As such, we take steps to strengthen the communities we serve. Our team is composed of care professionals, and we work with community resources to provide home and community-based services in Saint Anthony, Minnesota, waivered care services, personal care, and assistance with care and living arrangements.

  • Housing Stabilization Services

    This service package includes housing transition and stabilization.

    We work with community resources to provide housing stabilization assistance. This is a medical assistance benefit aimed at helping people with disabilities and seniors find and seek housing. These services are state plan (not waiver) Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS).

    Please visit this page to know more about the eligibility, enrollment, coverage, and more:

  • Basic Support Services

    We offer 24-hour emergency assistance, adult companionship services, homemaker services, individual community living support, individualized home supports, individualized home supports with family training, individualized home supports with training, night supervision, personal support, and respite care (whether in or out-of-home).

  • In-Home Support Services

    Our in-home support services also include in-home family support, independent living skills training, individualized home supports, semi-independent living skills training, and supported living services for adults.

  • Community Engagement

    We do whatever we can to reach out to more individuals who need support within our community. We seek to widen our reach by conducting various community engagement activities, covering many aspects, such as public policy, community development, psychosocial discipline, and many more. 

    To help us carry out our mission, we work with labor-intensive, dedicated community resources, such as funding, skilled individuals, and time. We consolidate the best tools, techniques, and information available to calibrate effective strategies for community development.

  • Integrated Community Supports

    Services that provide support and training in community living service categories to adults age 18 and older who reside in a living unit of a provider-controlled ICS setting (e.g., apartment in a multi-family housing building). ICS can be delivered up to 24 hours per day in the person’s living unit or in the community.

    Please visit this page to know more about the eligibility, covered services, non-covered services, remote support, limitations and more:

Insurance Plans Accepted

  • UCare
  • BluePlus
  • MA
  • Hennepin Health
  • Health Partners
  • PrimeWest
  • Medica
  • IMCare
  • SouthCountry
  • United healthCare

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